Defensive Driving Fredonia Arizona

Defensive Driving Fredonia Arizona FT TW

Defensive Driving Fredonia Arizona

Fredonia is located in north Arizona right on the Utah border. The temperature ranges from a chilly minus 6 degrees in the winter to a sizzling 100 degrees in the summer. But it is a dry heat. With the permanent closing of the historic Juniper Ridge Bar and Grill the only restaurant you’ll find in town is at the Red Pueblo Museum and Heritage Park. It’s a great place to spend an hour or 2 exploring the areas rich Native American heritage.

If you are traveling the highways and byways off the great state of Arizona and make the common mistake of speeding past a state trooper you might find yourself in need of a Fredonia Arizona Defensive Driving course to get the ticket dismissed that sometimes accompanies this faux pas. If that is your conundrum may we recommend the Funny Driving online course? Funny Driving is Arizona’s best online course. It is written by professional stand up comedians who know how to make the class fast-paced, funny and educational. Just log in at You can take the class day or night, 24/7. You can take the class all in one sitting or break it up into several shorter chunks. We are state certified for work required defensive driving, to get a ticket dismissed and to get a discount on your car insurance. We have live highly-trained customer service agents who love to help our students with all our defensive driving needs and questions. Just call us at 1-866-357 2020.

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