How Defensive Driving Works in Arizona


 How Registration Works

Our registration process will walk you through each step of collecting the information required by the State of Arizona for defensive driving.  Once we have collected payment, we will provide you a method for sending us a copy of the required documents (government issued identification card and traffic citation, and court order if one has been issued).  Various methods are available, which include taking a picture with your phone/webcam, uploading, faxing,  and emailing the information.

We will then verify your information and eligibility to take an Arizona defensive driving course.

After verification, we will notify you that you may begin your defensive driving course.

Please view our Terms and Conditions for additional information on payments, liability, and privacy.

 How the Course Works

Our defensive driving course is 4 hours in length, which is the state requirement for ticket dismissal, and is divided into 11 short chapters.  Each chapter will have interactive cartoons or videos that cover the latest driving safety techniques.

You may take the course on any desktop computer, laptop, and most mobile devices such phones and tables that run android, iOS, windows mobile, etc.   Simply log in on our website from any of these devices to start your course.

You will be given 3 quiz questions at the end of each chapter.  You may take retake the quizzes and unlimited number of times until you pass, so you cannot fail the course.

 How the Certificate Works

At the end of your course, you will be provided with a pdf downloadable copy of your certificate of completion, and a copy will be emailed to you.

We will automatically submit your completion certificate to the courts electronically.  However, please BE AWARE that some courts still require you to submit the completion certificate to them directly, depending on that court’s policy.


Before you may begin the course, the State requires that you provide the following information: 

  • A copy of the traffic citation issued.
  • A copy of the court order if one has been issued.
  • A copy of your government issued identification card.
  • Course payment, including state and court fees.
  • You will also be required to agree to our affirmation of eligibility.


When registering for our Arizona Defensive Driving Course you must first verify the following information:

  1. You are not presently enrolled, nor have you completed any other traffic class for dismissal of an Arizona ticket in the last 12 months.
  2. Your ticket did not result from an accident involving death or a life-threatening or serious injury.
  3. You understand that a commercial driver license holder is not eligible for the defensive driving ticket dismissal classes, whether or not the CDL holder was driving commercially or privately, if the violation date occurred on or after 8/25/04. You do not hold a commercial driver license. You also understand that if you are cited while driving a commercial vehicle and you do not hold a commercial driver's license you are not eligible to attend a defensive driving class.
  4. You further agree that if you complete the traffic school for your current ticket, and a subsequent record check reveals that you did not comply with the requirements 1-7 listed here, that your traffic ticket will not be dismissed and this matter will be set for a court hearing. Notice of the hearing date will be sent to the address listed on your ticket. The class fee will be forfeited.
  5. If you have received more than one violation, and were granted an extension of the court date by this school, you understand that the extension covers only the violation for which you are  now attending school. All other violations must be handled with the court by the original court date as written on the ticket by the officer.
  6. You will be able to complete this class at least 7 days prior to your court date (if not, please call our office first).
  7. The ticket is in your name. (For photo radar tickets, the ticket must be in your name and you must be the person in the photo)
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