Defensive Driving Litchfield Park Arizona

Defensive Driving Litchfield Park Arizona FT TW

Defensive Driving Litchfield Park Arizona

Litchfield Park is about a 25-minute drive from Phoenix in good traffic. It is considered a great place to live and many folks who work in Phoenix choose to commute to take advantage of the splendid real estate values and comfortable living there. The city is also home to many retirees who enjoy the warm weather, many parks, beautiful homes, and easy access to Phoenix. Litchfield Park was largely built by the Goodyear Company and named for one of their early executives who spearheaded many phases of the operation. Litchfield Park has a plethora of bars and pubs, saloons and clubs. If you enjoy nightlife there is plenty to be found here. If you need lodging, the Wigwam Resort offers luxury facilities at a reasonable rate with all the amenities. Litchfield Park has a selection of 4 and 5-star restaurants and several of the best pizza places in the country.

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