Defensive Driving Nogales Arizona

Defensive Driving Nogales Arizona FT TW

Defensive Driving Nogales Arizona

Nogales, Arizona is way down south on the Mexico border right across from Nogales, Sonora Mexico. Nogales is the biggest border crossing in Arizona and provides a major international trade route. Mexico Federal Highway 15 turns into Interstate 19 on our side of the border. Over 30 billion dollars of trade provides thousands of jobs for America and Mexico. You can find hotels of all prices on the USA side of the border or if you want to go across the border the Siesta Hotel is $27 a night and is very nice for the price. Many folks cross the border for extremely affordable dental work, souvenirs and jewelry, low-cost Kahlua and Tequila, and the best vanilla you can find, anywhere.

If you have gotten a traffic citation in southern Arizona recently and you need a Nogales Arizona Defensive Driving course to get it dismissed, Funny Driving has an online course that can take care of you. Just log in at on your smartphone, tablet or computer, You can take the class all in one sitting or break it up over several days. The course is written by comedians so it is fast-paced and fun and we charge the lowest price allowed by law. The class is 100% animated so all you have to do is watch funny videos and learn while you laugh. We have live customer service available toll free at 1-866-357-2020. You can download and print your certificate as soon as you finish the class and we’ll also send a copy to your court.

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