Defensive Driving Pima County Arizona

Defensive Driving Pima County Arizona FT TW

Defensive Driving Pima County Arizona

Defensive Driving in Pima County Arizona does not have to be something you put off till the last minute. There are fun online courses in Arizona that make the course easy and enjoyable like Their 4-hour online Pima county driving safety course meets all the state requirements to dismiss an Arizona traffic ticket while at the same time being funny and educational.

The 4-hour online course is divided up into 11 chapters with short videos and animations making up each chapter page. The pages are timed and each time you move to the next page your progress is saved. If you need to take a break for a day or your computer freezes you don’t need to worry about anything being lost because your completed pages are constantly being saved as you continue through the Arizona online course. The course can be taken in parts because of this or all at once all you need to do to pick up where you left off is log into your account at and enter your username email and the password.

There is a required test that every online Pima County Arizona traffic school must have but we do testing in an easy way. Test questions are asked immediately after the pages where the content was on during the class. You get 2 attempts to get an 80 % on the test the first attempt is made with the test questions speckled throughout the course. If you happen to fail that test another attempt is allowed at the end of the course where the questions will be asked all at once.

The certificates you receive at the end of the defensive driving class from are submitted directly to the Pima County courthouse so when you finish there is nothing you need to do. We handle the certificate processing with the court for you. You can view the certificate at the end of the course if you would like and a copy is also emailed to you in case you would like to have a certificate to show your insurance company. Some auto insurance providers give discounts if you show them you took a Pima county defensive driving class.

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