Defensive Driving Prescott Valley Arizona

Defensive Driving Prescott Valley Arizona FT TW

Defensive Driving Prescott Valley Arizona

Prescott Valley is located in central Arizona, just east of Prescott, and was originally known as Lonesome Valley. Beginning in the 6th-century prehistoric Indian tribes lived in the area and many artifacts can be seen today at Prescott Valley's Fitzmaurice Ruins In 1863 gold was discovered and the area exploded. Estimates are somewhat disputed but somewhere between 30,000 and 80,000 ounces of gold have been mined there valued at over 100 million in today's prices. In the 1880s cattle ranchers arrived and started raising beef to supply miners and settlers Many buildings from the 1800s are still standing today. Prescott valley is a town that appreciates the nightlife. There are many bars and pubs, saloons, and clubs so if you like the occasional adult beverage and some thematic socializing, check out one of the many options. Make sure you designate a sober driver. You want to make sure you get home alive with no side stops at the pokey!

If you find yourself in the need of a Prescott Valley Arizona Defensive Driving course for your work, for an insurance discount or if, heaven forbid, you got a traffic ticket you want to have dismissed, Funny Driving has an online meeting you will love. Just log in at on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. We are available on almost any medium, 24/7. We have live customer service waiting to assist you at 1-866-357-2020. The class is 100% animated so all you do is sit back, enjoy the videos, and watch your ticket disappear.

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