Defensive Driving South Tucson Arizona

Defensive Driving South Tucson Arizona FT TW

Defensive Driving South Tucson Arizona

South Tucson is a city in Arizona, not surprisingly, just south of Tucson. It is, in fact, surrounded by Tucson! South Tucson and Tucson have a checkered history of political infighting. Tucson wanted to annex South Tucson. South Tucson wanted to remain a separate municipality. Tucson threatened to shut off South Tucson's water. Tucson eventually annexed all the land surrounding South Tucson which now occupies about 1.2 square miles and has its own cultural flavor. South Tucson’s culture is heavily Hispanic with lots of Mexican restaurants and shops and traditional architecture. The population of the city is close to 6,000. The Sea Of Glass Center for the Arts offers a full schedule of art shows, dance recitals, and concerts with a plethora of music styles modern and classical and an amazing sound and light system.

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