Defensive Driving Tempe Arizona

Defensive Driving Tempe Arizona FT TW

Defensive Driving Tempe Arizona

Tempe, Arizona sits comfortably between Phoenix and Mesa. Twice a year the Tempe Festival of the Arts attracts thousands for food, fun, art, live performances, and great fellowship. The Tempe Center for the Arts regularly features live events like concerts, dance recitals, and big-name comedians. The Tempe Improv Comedy Club regularly showcases the top comedians in the country and many up and coming newcomers and local talent. Nearby Tempe Town Lake has brought over a billion and a half dollars worth of investments into the city and provides opportunities for hiking, and biking and kayaking and paddle boating with rentals available if you don’t have your own boat or bike. If you’d like to climb a mountain, but want to keep it manageable, Hayden Butte is the mountain for you. With a great trail that's not quite a mile and an elevation of 330 feet, it’ll get your heart pumping without killing you! It’s also right near the airport so you can watch planes taking off and landing from the summit!

If you have had a recent run-in with an Arizona State Trooper and find yourself in need of a Tempe, Arizona Defensive Driving course to get a ticket dismissed or for an insurance discount. Funny Driving has a great online course for you. Just log in to on your computer, smartphone, or tablet, anytime, day or night. We have live customer service agents waiting to serve you at 1-866-357-2020. Give us a call, toll-free!

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