Florida Traffic School Course Tour

Traffic School Course Tour

Funny Driving's online course is approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles to provide a four-hour basic driver improvement course for ticket dismissal.

Our Funny Driving Florida Traffic School course is only $7.50! Our course was developed by comedians and programmers to make for an entertaining but also an informative learning experience. Our online course is comprised of real-life videos, as well as animations, allowing you to simply watch the videos and move through the course with little to no reading.

Take a tour by viewing some of the sample content below, which has been taken directly from our course.

 Railroad Crossings

Although our course is online, it's designed to have the look and feel of a classroom setting. In the sample video to the left, you'll see how the instructor John addresses the classroom students, and then it transitions from the classroom setting to one of our animated videos.

 Open Container

At Funny Driving, we've spent many years developing and fine tuning our online course. Our course is a mixture of animations and real life videos, and as you can see in the video to the left, this is a sample of one of our animations. For our animations, we've paired animation artists with comedians to create informative, yet funny content. We feel this approach makes it more enjoyable and easier to learn.

 City Driving

Throughout the course you will also see some real life videos that cover some of the more serious situations. While some of those videos are from third parties, many of them are written and produced by Funny Driving. We take great pride in our course and the content we develop for our students. The video to the left was produced by Funny Driving and serves as an example of what our videos from our course will look like.