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Our Course

Our defensive driving course is broken down into 12 easy sections covering specific topics. Each section will contain pages with videos and animations that make it easy and convenient to complete the course. The course is approved by the TDLR for all courts in Texas.

We feel so confident in the quality of our content that we are willing to show you what it looks like prior to starting the course. Please have a look below to see some samples of animations and videos that are in our course. Most of our competitors won't give you examples of their content because it is the same old boring information they have always had.

Course Information

  • Course Price only $35.00 $25.00
  • Take at Your Own Pace
  • TDLR Approved for all Courts in Texas
  • Funny and Entertaining
  • Take on Phone, Tablet, or Desktop Computer
  • 5 Hours of Classtime

City Driving Video

We have an in-house multimedia team that creates up-to-date High Definition videos for our course. No longer do you have to watch defensive driving videos from the 80's and 90's. We cover current and relative content that meets the state requirements for defensive driving.

Take a look at a short clip from our own City Driving video.

Defensive Driving Introduction

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How Our Course Works

  • Signup for our online course.
  • Log-in from any device with a web browser (phone, tablet, pc, laptop)
  • Watch the cartoons and videos
  • Log in and out to take at your own pace
  • Complete the course and receive your certificate

Steps To Take Defensive Driving

5 Easy Steps to Complete Your Texas Defensive Driving Course

How Defensive Driving Works

What You Will Learn

Below you will find some of the key topics that will be covered during this course.

  • Traffic Laws and Procedures

  • Factors Influencing Driver Performance

  • Traffic Control Devices

  • How to Share the Road With Others

  • Occupant Protection

  • Handling Adverse Weather While Driving

  • Special Skills for Difficult Driving Environments

  • Handling Emotions and Driving

  • Space Management

  • Environmental Characteristics

  • Environmental Risk Factors

  • Distractions While Driving

  • How to Handle Emergencies

  • Vehicle Malfunctions

Course Features

Our online defensive driving course includes many benefits and features:

  • No Final Exam
  • Live Phone Support
  • Developed By Professional Comedians
  • Flexible Schedule (take at your own pace)
  • 100% Animated Cartoons and HD Videos
  • State, Court, and Mother-In-Law Approved
  • Downloadable Certificate Delivery Available
  • Shortest Class Allowed By Law
  • Compatible on Any Device With a Web Browser

Developed by Professional Comedians, our course provides a fun and entertaining way to complete your defensive driving course. We have learned through extensive studies that students learn more while they are awake!

So sit back, relax, and take your defensive driving course in style.

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