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Am I Eligible for AZ Traffic School?

Arizona Approved Driving School


Arizona Driving School is required to be Supreme Court approved in order to be accepted. It is normally acceptable to take the Arizona Driving School online. How do you know that your

Defensive Driving School is state approved and legitimate? Here are a few things to look for.

AZ Approved


If the course you are taking should be on the list of approved courses. While not all of these

courses on the list are required to be fun or interesting, they will meet the state requirements and

file with the Arizona court correctly. You can find the Arizona State Approved course here.

The Correct Course


In Arizona, Traffic Survival School and Defensive Driving School are different from one another. If

you have been referred to a Defensive Driving class, be sure you are not taking a Traffic Survival

class. It can get confusing because Defensive Driving in other states is sometimes referred to as

a Traffic Safety Course. Read carefully before getting into any sing-up process.

The Shortest Course

Like most states, Arizona Driving School has a requirement for the amount of time a class must

be. Four hours is the shortest class time that Arizona will allow by law. Be sure you have allotted

enough time to complete the whole four hours by midnight seven days before the deadline the

court has given you.


If the course is any shorter, you may be taking the wrong course or one that is not state approved.


While “funny” is not a state requirement, we believe the Arizona Driving School should be the

easiest part of the point prevention process. Taking a funny, fast paced class can prevent

distractions and boredom that can lead to brains melting. Find the anti-brain melt class here.

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